Features – FanPrint Community

Simply put, we want to create the best community-focused selling platform. We’ve built several helpful features and plan to continue to innovate in order to save you, the marketers, time, energy, and money. Check out what we’ve got so far!

  • FanPrint is proud to offer up to a 50% commission for every product sold, with an additional 2.5% commission for designing a product.
  • A feature unique to FanPrint is our 30-day cookie: if a customer clicks on your URL, and then organically comes back to the site within 30 days, you’ll still get credit for that sale.
  • At FanPrint you own your buyer data and can utilize this for promotional mailings as well as Facebook audiences.

We’ve got even more features that are primed to maximize your sales and success! See the below links for more information.