Licensing Design Guidelines

Welcome to the licensed design guidelines section. This section is made for graphic designers who want to design officially licensed products on For specific information about each license, just click on the links below. For information about the general guidelines of NON-LICENSED designs, please go HERE.

* Recommended design file dimensions for t-shirts:  16X19 inches or 4800×5700 px and 300 DPI

Please note that these are the RECOMMENDED guidelines for the MAXIMUM size. You are able to upload designs that are smaller than this, or even shrink designs to any size.  However within the website you cannot stretch the design larger than its actual dimensions as this might cause a design to become blurry when printing.


Dallas Cowboys




After you’ve checked out the design guidelines, please check out or how to video for uploading a campaign. Step by step instructions are below!

If the video doesn’t work for you, you can also view it here. Or, if you’d just prefer a more step-by-step walkthrough, follow the steps below to see every last detail!

  1. How to Get Licensed Assets
  2. Upload a Design
  3. Choose Styles & Colors
  4. Submit a Description