Non-Licensed Tips


The Wonderful World Of Non-Licensed Designs!

People’s interests are infinite and endless – just like the design possibilities for non-licensed shirts! Here are some examples to get your brain pumping at all the different possibilities.

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Pride In Their Families a4gda7

People love a clear and great looking way to express just how much they love their family, or how proud they are to be part of that family. Try different kinds of shirts about how proud a dad is of his kids who serve in the military, or share the same hobby as him. Or a design about how the best Moms are born in a certain month or live in a certain state!

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For every profession there is – there are people who want people to know how hard they work! The most popular categories are Nurses, Doctors, Police Officers, Firefighters and Teachers – but no need to stop there!

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Even more infinite than professions alone – shirts that display the kinds of things they like are conversations starters! For hunters, fishermen, gamers, and artists – or the people who love to sew or hike, anything goes!

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For some people, their faith is so important for them they’d list it above family! Religion is an important part of so many peoples lives and they devote their whole heart to it. Try mixing it with other hobbies and interests!

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Dogs, Cats, Snakes, Lizards – And any kind of sub species within those major groups! Sometimes the more specific the better – especially when it comes to dog breeds. People love their pets! What better way to say it than with a shirt they can get covered in pet hair.

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Exercise 3takqy

Those who love to work out… LOVE to work out. Get them a design they can wear to the gym – or a shirt saying how much they WISH they were currently in the gym. From biking to swimming – from ballet to basketball.  Let’s just hope the shirts fit over all their muscles.

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Lifestyle 612nbz

Nothing says pride like Pride itself. The classic rainbow is universal and still well loved! Try reaching out to other groups with in the community such as; Bi, Ace, Trans, Pan and more!

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Pop Culture References pvdp28

The key word here is references – obviously these are non-licensed design so the use of anything like a logo or actual images of any characters is not allowed. However sometimes there are lines or lyrics from things that stand out completely on their own – and sometimes work better as a text based image than it would if it was covered with a bunch official logos and jargon

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