FanPrint Halloween Seller’s Guide


Don’t miss the massive opportunity that Halloween can offer! American’s are expected to spend over a combined 9 Billion dollars on Halloween related goods alone – an all-time record! (See More Stats here)

With October 31st fast approaching and all of the stores already stocked to the brim with spooky things, now is the best time to get started on Halloween themed designs.

Design Inspiration and Ideas

From funny to spooky; Halloween shirts have endless possibilities! And while you are more than encouraged to do shirts that are not licensed – as you have more options and possibilities and the approvals are also faster. But with some clever designs, you are able to combine them with our licenses so long as you adhere to the proper design guidelines.  

Halloween Prob5wuk8

World’s Best Zombie, #1 Pumpkin Carver, or letting them know who’s really boss by mixing with their favorite hobby. Only amateurs still ride brooms after all.

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Spooky Fun For The Whole Familycwf7dp

Big Boo & Little Boo, Frankenstein & The Bride Of Frankenstein, or family based shirts for a member of the family who’s not even born yet!

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The Classics mzj61z

Try out pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, witches – even animal faces! Not everything has to have a catchphrase on it. Sometimes simplicity is best to make a recognizable and comfortable costume.

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Show Off Priorities.bct7cb

Christmas is the season for giving, not Halloween! Some people would sell others to Satan for one corn chip if they had to and have no shame in letting you know.

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Go Licensed!gfkuzk

True fans of any sports team aren’t “Afraid of no ghosts”

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