Announcing: FanPrint Exclusive Team


Over the past year, we’ve had a blast celebrating some of the biggest events in sports with a community of marketers who wowed us with some of their creations!

As our team looked back on 2017, we realized that a small group of marketers was producing some of the best designs. So after a lot of deliberation and thought, we’ve made the decision to continue with support for the marketers who have poured as much dedication and skill into the FanPrint platform as we have.

This leads us to the conclusion: on Friday, February 2nd, FanPrint will be shutting down design and technical support for the general Marketer program and restricting the creation of new campaigns to an exclusive team. This exclusive team of marketers are ones who have consistently submitted high-quality, market-ready designs – and who have made good use of those designs to drive sales and market those campaigns. To see what’s changing in more detail, see the FAQ below.


Will my account be closed?

No, your account will remain open and your login details will still be valid. All marketers will still earn any commissions from ref-coded links, marketers will earn commissions from sales of their campaigns, and we will continue to issue payments.

What functions will still be available after Friday, Feb 2?

All marketers will still be able to:
– View the Trending dashboard
– View the Marketplaces
– Create Ads, download them, and copy their tracking links
– View Analytics
– View Orders as they come in with your ref-code or for products you designed
– Create Promotions
– Create and send Mailings
– Create Storefronts, and manage the campaigns within them
– Connect your Facebook account, and add or change your Facebook Pixels
– Add new members to your Team and change their roles

You’ll still be able to create and use your Referral link, but marketers you refer from the link will need to highlight their sales on the signup form in order to be approved – see below under “Are you still accepting applications for new marketers?”

What will happen to my campaigns that I’ve already created?

Nothing will happen or change with your existing campaigns: they’ll still remain active on the site, you or other marketers can choose to promote them with a ref-coded link, and they’ll continue to earn you designer commissions if you or other marketers choose to promote them.

Can I still request payments?

Yes, you’ll still be able to request a payment of your balance, or update your existing payment method to a new one if the old one isn’t current.

What other changes may happen with the site?

As we focus on an Exclusive Team, there are some other changes that may occur on or after February 2nd. These changes may include: changes to commission rates, minimum product pricing, campaign removals at the behest of licensors, availability of product options, and other potential changes to the system.

Are you still accepting applications for new marketers?

In short: Yes, but.

The signup form will stay open, but we’re asking that all new applicants show a history of apparel sales of at minimum $10,000 per month (on or off of FanPrint), which has been routinely exceeded by each of the marketers that we’re continuing to support.

If you’re an existing marketer that would like to be reconsidered for design and technical support after February 2nd, email us at – again, showing a history of at minimum $10,000 per month. We’ll re-evaluate what you’ve sent over and get back to you shortly.

Thank you so much for all the awesome designs and great feedback you’ve given us over the past several months and cheers to even greater things ahead!

Activating Promotions

Add customized promotions and discounts to boost customer sales!

It’s super easy to add your own custom promotion to your products – start first by going to the promotions tab as seen on your marketing dashboard.


From there it is just a matter of creating a promotion either based on Dollar ($) or Percentage (%) amounts. Up to $3 or 15%!



Once the promotion is created you can apply it to these to these:

  • Campaign Cross Sell / Up Sell – Which will  suggest up to 4 related campaigns to your customers after they purchase and automatically apply your promotion.
  • Cart Abandonment – will display this promotion to users who are about to leave your page only if they have not been offered another promotion.
  • Or Both! 


Incentivize your customers with great discounts now!