Promotions – FanPrint Community

Promotions can be served to your campaign visitors in the following four scenarios:

1. When a visitor lands on your campaign page
FanPrint will automatically notify the visitor and apply the promotional discount if the visitor chooses to purchase the campaign item.

To use this type of promotion: 

2. After a customer makes a purchase (Cross-Sell)
FanPrint will suggest up to four related campaigns to your customers after they purchase and automatically apply your promotion (related campaigns are controlled by tags).

3. When a customer is about to leave the checkout process before completion (Cart Abandonment)
FanPrint will offer the promotion discount amount to the customer.

4. When a customer subscribes to your email list
FanPrint will automatically apply the selected promotion discount to email subscribers on mailings.

To use promotions, you will have to 1) create a promotion; and 2) apply that promotion.

To create a promotion:

1. Select “Promotions” from the marketer dashboard.

2. Select “Create a new promotion”.

3. Enter code for the promotion – e.g. “save2”.

4. Enter the amount of discount for the promotion – e.g. $2.

5. Check the “Is enabled” box.

6. Select the “Create Promotion” button.

To apply a promotion:

Ensure that the desired promotion is enabled.

To set a Cross Sell promotion, select the promotion from the corresponding drop down menu and select “Apply”.

To set a Cart Abandonment promotion, select the promotion from the corresponding drop down menu and select “Apply”.

Other promotions

By enabling the Public Page promotion, you are allowing your campaigns to be displayed on FanPrint public pages such as the homepage.
NOTE: This is an all-or-nothing choice for each marketer (i.e. you can’t have some of your campaigns displayed on public pages while other campaigns are hidden).