Dashboard – FanPrint Community

Our new dashboard gives you the ability to make money selling officially licensed products while also having the best technology to support scaling out those winning designs across almost every major license. This dashboard is also a one stop shop to include your non-licensed products! With the ability to have unlimited storefronts, and the option to include licensed and unlicensed products within those storefronts, the possibilities of success are endless.

Campaign Tabs:


  • All active campaigns.


  • Campaigns which have been paused by the marketer (includes legacy “Finished” campaigns with designs that were not approved).


  • Licensed campaigns which are pending design approval.


  • Campaigns which have been saved but not yet started.

Campaign Filters

Campaign search bar

  • Filter campaigns by keyword or text string.

Tag filter

  • Filter campaigns by tags.

Sales filter

  • Filter campaigns which have a completed sale in the last 1,3,7,10 or 14 days.

Stats highlighter

  • Apply highlighter to only see numbers for sales, ad spend, or profit.