Mailings – FanPrint Community

FanPrint lets you send promotional emails to customers who have bought one of your items and who have opted into future emails from FanPrint. Here are a few things to note about FanPrint mailings:

  • Email lists are populated based on tags. For example, if a customer purchases a shirt that you tagged with “Running” and opts into future emails, they will automatically be added to mailings which feature another campaign with the tag “Running.”
  • Emails can be sent to the same audience (see above on tags) every 96 hours.
  • One campaign can be promoted for each mailing. However, if there are multiple active campaigns with the same tag as the featured campaign these campaigns will be automatically populated in the mailing as “Fan Favorites”. See below for examples.
To send a mailing, follow the steps below:

Select “Mailings” from the Marketer Dashboard.

Select “New Mailing”.

Enter a subject line for the email.

Choose an active campaign to promote.

Choose a promotion to offer subscribers.

Enter content as the body of the email. FanPrint has provided sample copy for you. You can use this, alter it a little, or write your own copy from scratch.

Enter footer content such as a closing sentence and/or signature. This appears at the bottom of the email after the campaign(s) appear.

Select “Save & Preview”.

Secondary Promoted Campaigns

Choose up to 3 Secondary Promoted Campaigns by using the dropdown menu.

Select “Send Test Email” to send just yourself the email.

Select “Deliver” to send the email to all subscribers.