Facebook – FanPrint Community

The FanPrint platform is integrated with Facebook so that marketers can easily manage their Facebook ads once the ads are up and running. In order for FanPrint to pull accurate campaign information from a marketer’s Facebook account, you’ll need to set up a few things:

  1. Connect your FanPrint account to your Facebook ad account. For instructions on how to do this, see this page.
  2. Enter your unique Facebook tracking pixel ID. For instructions on how to do this, see this page.

Once these steps are completed, you’ll need to follow our Ad Set naming convention and enter the Ad Set name as a URL tracking parameter in order to link the ads that are running on Facebook to the campaigns that are active on FanPrint.

Ad Set Names

For FanPrint to pull the correct ad data from your Facebook account, please construct Ad Set names as follows:

  • Section “A” followed by a period (“.”)
  • Section “B” followed by a space (” “)
  • Section “C” (optional)

Section “A”: URL Slug (mandatory)

The first part of the Ad Set name must be the exact URL slug of the corresponding campaign.

Section “B”: Ad Variable (mandatory)

The second part of the Ad Set name is any label you’d like for that particular Ad Set. This label will show up on the campaign details page on FanPrint and will be used to differentiate this Ad Set from other Ad Sets belonging to the same campaign. These labels must only consist of alphanumeric characters (no symbols or punctuation).

Section “C”: Additional Info (optional)

The last part of the Ad Set name is for any additional information that you’d like to include. This could be demographic information, or anything else, to identify the Ad Set. This section does not get pulled in to FanPrint.

Existing Ad Sets can be changed to conform to the FanPrint naming convention. To do so, navigate to the applicable campaign in the Facebook Ads Manager, then select the Edit icon next to the applicable Ad Set.

Referral Tracking URL Parameter
For FanPrint to correctly track referral codes, you need to enter the Ad Set name as a URL tracking code following the pattern: r=[Ad Set name]. See the example on the right for an Ad Set named “retarget”.

In Power Editor, this parameter is entered in the “Ad” section.

If you’re using FanPrint promotions, both of the URL parameters (p=[Promotion name]&r=[Ad Set name]) are entered in the same field separated by an ampersand (“&”).