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On this page, you’ll enter the campaign information.

Enter a title for the campaign.

Enter a brief description of the campaign. For more detailed formatting use the markdown options described here.

Enter a URL address for the campaign
Note that these addresses are permanent, are unique to only one campaign on FanPrint, and are available on first-come-first-serve basis.

OPTIONAL: Select the storefront(s) on which you would like to display the campaign. You’ll need to create the storefront before you can select it here.

OPTIONAL: Create and select a tag for your campaign.

  • Tags are what group campaigns together by niche.
  • Campaigns with the same tag will be automatically used for cross-sells.

Select “Preview” to see the campaign landing page.

Select “Save” to save the campaign as a draft.

Select “Start Campaign” to make your campaign live (for unlicensed campaigns).

Select “Submit for Approval” to submit your licensed design for approval (for licensed campaigns).