Cowboys Design Guidelines

You have the opportunity to design unique products using the official team logos and colors as well as current player if you wish. Here are details on how to design for this license:

Video Overview:

  • Team logos may be used. Additionally, the NFL shield and other symbols (Nike) may not be used.
  • Team Colors must be used.  Please see here for colors/assets.
  • Jerseys must match (stripes, lines, helmets)


  • Cannot say Super Bowl or use images of trophies
  • Cannot combine with unlicensed IP that we do not have.
  • No serious violence (death), sex, drug or alcohol references
  • No religious/faith based designs

  • No skulls of any kind
  • When using words like “Crazy” be sure that the Cowboys logo is bigger
  • NFL Footballs do not have white stripes on them, if your design features a football please be sure that it does not have those stripes.

Official License Assets: