Announcing: FanPrint Exclusive Team


Over the past year, we’ve had a blast celebrating some of the biggest events in sports with a community of marketers who wowed us with some of their creations!

As our team looked back on 2017, we realized that a small group of marketers was producing some of the best designs. So after a lot of deliberation and thought, we’ve made the decision to continue with support for the marketers who have poured as much dedication and skill into the FanPrint platform as we have.

This leads us to the conclusion: on Friday, February 2nd, FanPrint will be shutting down design and technical support for the general Marketer program and restricting the creation of new campaigns to an exclusive team. This exclusive team of marketers are ones who have consistently submitted high-quality, market-ready designs – and who have made good use of those designs to drive sales and market those campaigns. To see what’s changing in more detail, see the FAQ below.


Will my account be closed?

No, your account will remain open and your login details will still be valid. All marketers will still earn any commissions from ref-coded links, marketers will earn commissions from sales of their campaigns, and we will continue to issue payments.

What functions will still be available after Friday, Feb 2?

All marketers will still be able to:
– View the Trending dashboard
– View the Marketplaces
– Create Ads, download them, and copy their tracking links
– View Analytics
– View Orders as they come in with your ref-code or for products you designed
– Create Promotions
– Create and send Mailings
– Create Storefronts, and manage the campaigns within them
– Connect your Facebook account, and add or change your Facebook Pixels
– Add new members to your Team and change their roles

You’ll still be able to create and use your Referral link, but marketers you refer from the link will need to highlight their sales on the signup form in order to be approved – see below under “Are you still accepting applications for new marketers?”

What will happen to my campaigns that I’ve already created?

Nothing will happen or change with your existing campaigns: they’ll still remain active on the site, you or other marketers can choose to promote them with a ref-coded link, and they’ll continue to earn you designer commissions if you or other marketers choose to promote them.

Can I still request payments?

Yes, you’ll still be able to request a payment of your balance, or update your existing payment method to a new one if the old one isn’t current.

What other changes may happen with the site?

As we focus on an Exclusive Team, there are some other changes that may occur on or after February 2nd. These changes may include: changes to commission rates, minimum product pricing, campaign removals at the behest of licensors, availability of product options, and other potential changes to the system.

Are you still accepting applications for new marketers?

In short: Yes, but.

The signup form will stay open, but we’re asking that all new applicants show a history of apparel sales of at minimum $10,000 per month (on or off of FanPrint), which has been routinely exceeded by each of the marketers that we’re continuing to support.

If you’re an existing marketer that would like to be reconsidered for design and technical support after February 2nd, email us at – again, showing a history of at minimum $10,000 per month. We’ll re-evaluate what you’ve sent over and get back to you shortly.

Thank you so much for all the awesome designs and great feedback you’ve given us over the past several months and cheers to even greater things ahead!

New Year New Sales


Start 2018 strong with some ideas to avoid the post-holiday slump.

There are some HUGE events that you can capitalize on in the beginning of the year. From holidays, to some MAJOR sports playoffs, and of course – March Madness!

Summary of Key Dates:

  • Valentine’s Day – February 14th
  • MLBPA Spring Training – Begins February 21st
  • NHL Trade Deadline – February 26th
  • March Madness – Begins March 11th
  • St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th
  • NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs – Begin April 11th

Q1 Holidays could be your Pot O’ Gold!

Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) are both great ways to put a festive spin on some of your most popular designs!

Valentine’s Day, the day of romance… well, what’s a more true form of love than the love for your team? In 2017 nearly 2 million dollars was spent on apparel alone. And with St. Patrick’s day spending constituting a 5 Billion dollar industry, you can bet that a majority of people celebrating plan to WEAR GREEN. So making a funny shirt of their favorite team on a green shirt to match the occasion is a perfect way for them to celebrate their team and the holiday. (Also a reminder – you can’t actually reference alcohol in Licensed shirt designs – as much as St. Patrick’s Day revolves around it!)

World’s Best Boyfriend | Nebraska – Rooting Together | Like Husband Like Wife 


TIP: Try putting a festive spin on popular designs you’ve already made by re-branding and re-uploading them with pink or green to match the holiday!

March Madness

March Madness kicks off on March 11th! You can find the full schedule and information about the teams in the running once they start playing HERE – be sure to keep up on who is winning, especially when an underdog wins over a major school! 

Some important things to note – while we will have many of the teams, you cannot use the literal phrase “March Madness”. The best approach is to stay with just basketball themed shirts (combined with talking about how great the team is)!

We Will RocKU | Michigan State Hoop Love | Press Virginia

MLBPA Spring Training

Mark your calendar for February 21st! That’s when the games begin. Some could say that Spring Training is a better chance to sell player designs than during the playoffs themselves, because it’s a season of fans from everywhere gathering and cheering on their team without having to worry about their team being cut out of the running for the playoffs. Their hope and their pride is at an all time high because its anyone’s game!

Click here for the schedule.

Daddy You Are…| Heart Altuve | Bryce Bryce Baby

NHLPA Playoffs

Once the final trades are finished being made February 26th then it’s a hop, skip, and a jump to the beginning of the main event – the Stanley Cup Playoffs! The playoffs begin April 11th so there’s plenty of time to rally people behind their favorite players and get them shirts they can wear to their team’s games!

Superstars Are Born In | Pekka Rinne Fangirl | Joe Thornton Portrait

Activating Promotions

Add customized promotions and discounts to boost customer sales!

It’s super easy to add your own custom promotion to your products – start first by going to the promotions tab as seen on your marketing dashboard.


From there it is just a matter of creating a promotion either based on Dollar ($) or Percentage (%) amounts. Up to $3 or 15%!



Once the promotion is created you can apply it to these to these:

  • Campaign Cross Sell / Up Sell – Which will  suggest up to 4 related campaigns to your customers after they purchase and automatically apply your promotion.
  • Cart Abandonment – will display this promotion to users who are about to leave your page only if they have not been offered another promotion.
  • Or Both! 


Incentivize your customers with great discounts now!

Holidays 2017


Boost Sales with Cozy Licensed Winter Gear.

Fall may have just started but already 60% of consumers are thinking about the Holidays. And what better gift to give them then a cozy hoodie or sweatshirt based around their favorite team?

People are feeling better about their finances, which means they are projected to spend record breaking amounts this year, up to $682 BILLION dollars.  That’s an increase of up to 4% from the previous year!

updated graph


TIP: Try promoting your designs with the Hoodie or the Sweater. As the weather gets colder, people are thinking about staying warm than buying something with short sleeves! 

Mixing Holidays and Licensed Designs is welcome and encouraged!

From classic Christmas sweaters to clever spins on school phrases there is no end to the many ways that you can combine the things that people love. Here are some ideas you can use to put your own spin on them.

  • All I Want For Christmas Is ____ (School/Mascot/Player)
  • Santa I’ve been Nice! Please give me _____ Tickets
  • I’m Dreaming of a _______ (School color) Christmas
  • Merry Christmas To All! Especially ____ (Player/School)

Festive Examples of Licensed Designs!

All of these are public campaigns so you can Market these amazing designs yourself!

Whoop Whoop Whoop | Kansas Jayhawk Christmas | 12th Man Of Christmas

Michigan State Vacation | Wreck The Halls | Give Me Christmas Tickets

Iowa Christmas Sweater | Meowy Auburn Christmas | West Virginia Christmas


Non-Licensed Tips


The Wonderful World Of Non-Licensed Designs!

People’s interests are infinite and endless – just like the design possibilities for non-licensed shirts! Here are some examples to get your brain pumping at all the different possibilities.

Check here for the general community guidelines!

Pride In Their Families a4gda7

People love a clear and great looking way to express just how much they love their family, or how proud they are to be part of that family. Try different kinds of shirts about how proud a dad is of his kids who serve in the military, or share the same hobby as him. Or a design about how the best Moms are born in a certain month or live in a certain state!

Market This Design!


For every profession there is – there are people who want people to know how hard they work! The most popular categories are Nurses, Doctors, Police Officers, Firefighters and Teachers – but no need to stop there!

Market This Design!


Even more infinite than professions alone – shirts that display the kinds of things they like are conversations starters! For hunters, fishermen, gamers, and artists – or the people who love to sew or hike, anything goes!

Market This Design!




For some people, their faith is so important for them they’d list it above family! Religion is an important part of so many peoples lives and they devote their whole heart to it. Try mixing it with other hobbies and interests!

Market This Design!




Dogs, Cats, Snakes, Lizards – And any kind of sub species within those major groups! Sometimes the more specific the better – especially when it comes to dog breeds. People love their pets! What better way to say it than with a shirt they can get covered in pet hair.

Market This Design!



Exercise 3takqy

Those who love to work out… LOVE to work out. Get them a design they can wear to the gym – or a shirt saying how much they WISH they were currently in the gym. From biking to swimming – from ballet to basketball.  Let’s just hope the shirts fit over all their muscles.

Market This Design!





Lifestyle 612nbz

Nothing says pride like Pride itself. The classic rainbow is universal and still well loved! Try reaching out to other groups with in the community such as; Bi, Ace, Trans, Pan and more!

Market This Design!




Pop Culture References pvdp28

The key word here is references – obviously these are non-licensed design so the use of anything like a logo or actual images of any characters is not allowed. However sometimes there are lines or lyrics from things that stand out completely on their own – and sometimes work better as a text based image than it would if it was covered with a bunch official logos and jargon

Market This Design!


Let’s Get Started!

Here are some Tips on how to make Ad-Templates. Feel free to adjust the backgrounds as you see fit and be sure to include your marketer code in the URL to get that marketing commission by clicking “Copy Tracking Link” Button on the campaign page.

       Some other tips here on Facebook’s Ad Guidelines. 

Market Place Designs – October 2nd

Top Designs From The Past Week Ready For You To Market!

The Marketplace is a fantastic tool to use when you want to market a great design but don’t have any inspiration to create your own. You can filter by designs that have been selling well within the last week, month, or all time! There are over 6,000 designs to choose from!

You can access the Marketplace through your Marketer Dashboard, just copy the tracking link and get to marketing! Once you get your first sale it will show up among your list of active campaigns.


Here are this past week’s Top Designs!

Mama Bird – Virginia Tech    |   Cowboys Player Names

Home – Western Michigan |Infinite Heart – Montana

Loyalty Forever – Clemson |Home – Montana State

State Love – Iowa Hawkeyes | Take Me Home – West Viginia

Let’s Get Started!

Here are some Tips on Marketing – when creating any ad be sure to include your marketer code in the URL to get that marketing commission by clicking “Copy Tracking Link” Button on your campaign page.

       Some other tips here on Facebook’s Ad Guidelines. 

Million Dollar Marketer Update!



The first month of the contest has officially wrapped itself up! Thank you so much to everyone that has participated thus far; now let’s start October STRONG. 

If you want to start taking advantage of this contest now is your chance, beginning now will start your momentum towards these HUGE prizes with a total combined grand prize of $120,000 in CASH!

Remember, all prizes for this contest are given out MONTHLY until the end of December.

See below for more details:

Let’s Get Started!

Here are some Tips on Marketing – when creating any ad be sure to include your marketer code in the URL to get that marketing commission by clicking “Copy Tracking Link” Button on your campaign page.

       Some other tips here on Facebook’s Ad Guidelines. 

FanPrint Halloween Seller’s Guide


Don’t miss the massive opportunity that Halloween can offer! American’s are expected to spend over a combined 9 Billion dollars on Halloween related goods alone – an all-time record! (See More Stats here)

With October 31st fast approaching and all of the stores already stocked to the brim with spooky things, now is the best time to get started on Halloween themed designs.

Design Inspiration and Ideas

From funny to spooky; Halloween shirts have endless possibilities! And while you are more than encouraged to do shirts that are not licensed – as you have more options and possibilities and the approvals are also faster. But with some clever designs, you are able to combine them with our licenses so long as you adhere to the proper design guidelines.  

Halloween Prob5wuk8

World’s Best Zombie, #1 Pumpkin Carver, or letting them know who’s really boss by mixing with their favorite hobby. Only amateurs still ride brooms after all.

Market This Design.



Spooky Fun For The Whole Familycwf7dp

Big Boo & Little Boo, Frankenstein & The Bride Of Frankenstein, or family based shirts for a member of the family who’s not even born yet!

Market This Design. 




The Classics mzj61z

Try out pumpkins, ghosts, vampires, witches – even animal faces! Not everything has to have a catchphrase on it. Sometimes simplicity is best to make a recognizable and comfortable costume.

Market This Design.



Show Off Priorities.bct7cb

Christmas is the season for giving, not Halloween! Some people would sell others to Satan for one corn chip if they had to and have no shame in letting you know.

Market This Design




Go Licensed!gfkuzk

True fans of any sports team aren’t “Afraid of no ghosts”

Market This Design. 



Dallas Cowboys Seller Guide

Dallas Cowboys: The Most Valuable Team in the WHOLE WORLD.

The Cowboys are one of our most treasured licenses, loved by everyone around the world- especially by our customers! With over 8.75 million Facebook Fans the Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable team in the entire world – wouldn’t you like to get a slice of that pie for yourself?

Cowboys Design Guidelines HERE

Many have noticed that the Cowboys approval process can be pretty strict but we can assure you it is more than worth it in the end when they do approve a design! Here are some tips so that you can start marketing some amazing Cowboys Merchandise for your customers!

Cowboys Audiences And Ideas

Target By Age Group77ekvf

From 30-64 this demographic has picked Dallas Cowboys as their favorite team, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fans of every age!

You can also target fans specifically by the month that they were born in!




nutmbrWomen Specific Designs

While statistics will say that a little under half of the fan base is women, they reportedly make up 80% of sports apparel spending (and controlled 60% of the money spent on men’s clothing)

  • Sales have risen 76% on Women’s Apparel since 2010 and yet less than 20% is gear specifically targeted to them!


x14af9Location Based

You can have great success targeting Texas as a majority of the fanbase is present there. But they are all over the country!

  • Location-based designs targeting specific states outside of Texas have shown great success especially in areas like New York, New Jersey, California and Florida.



339dza (1)Family + Marriage

Try targeting specific areas of the family such as Mothers or Fathers who are proud to be Cowboys fans.

  • Mamas and Papas are popular but so are Grandma and Grandpa – as well as good old-fashioned Mom and Dad!
  • Also, consider targeting and designing for married couples who both love the team.


kvnnqkCowboys Players

While we may no longer have the full NFLPA, the Dallas Cowboys have encouraged us to continue using the likeness and image of their players so you can target people based on their love for a specific player!


Professions  r46had

Cowboys Fans can live anywhere and also do anything! There are tons of creative ways to make a design and target them both on their pride for their job as well as their love for their team.

  • Some Examples: Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Plumbers, Baristas


gq1kkdHobbies Or Pets

Combined with other hobbies that they love or their pets these sort of niche shirts can really let a customer show off where their interests truly lie.

Dogs, Cats, Art, Music- Even combining with their favorite food! Or their love of making food and baking!


Design Tips For Approval

  • The Star: Please be sure to have the Star exactly as is available HERE with the white outline around it and NOTHING obstructing it. If you must have it behind something or within elements of the design, you must have a 2nd star that is not cut into. And even then it is not advised. Do not add any effects like Glowing or 3-D embossing.
  • The wordmark: please use the word mark in place of typing out the word “Cowboys” whenever possible. Excluding when the word is arched/angled/in a particularly fancy font.
  • Don’t Be Generic: That advice might seem generic in and of itself but it’s true, the number one reason why designs are denied by the Cowboys is because they are either way too generic (for example – just the star by itself and nothing else) or generic on a level that it is something they already have in their own assortment and don’t want to approve something that they already have themselves.
  • Don’t Be Too ‘Off The Wall’: The next worst thing than being generic is trying to fit a square in a circle. Designs should fully display the persons love for the Cowboys so we don’t want a design that doesn’t seem to really relate to the team at all.
    • For example – A picture of a cat with the star on its forehead doesn’t seem to have much to do with the team. Whereas if it had a cat and the star but also the words “Two things I love most in this world are my cat and my Cowboys” then that sort of explains what the two elements have to do with each other.
  • Cowboys Players: Be sure to display their uniforms properly in images but remove the NFL shield and any Nike swooshes!

Let’s Get Started!

Here are some Tips on how to make Ad-Templates. Feel free to adjust the backgrounds as you see fit and be sure to include your marketer code in the URL to get that marketing commission by clicking “Copy Tracking Link” Button on your campaign page.

       Some other tips here on Facebook’s Ad Guidelines. 

Sell Officially Licensed NCAA Merchandise!

Hundreds of Schools and Thousands of Opportunities!

School Pride is always in season, but now that football has started it is VERY in season! With hundreds of college licenses to choose from, there is a goldmine of opportunity available to create designs for people who are passionate about their team.

Start by going over the NCAA License guide so you know the general do’s and don’ts which will help get your design approved and read to market as fast as possible!


How To Find Your Audience

From students to alumni, to parents buying gear for their kids or just to support and show how much they love their kids. Or even people who have never gone to the school and just adore the team! There is an endless amount of opportunity when it comes to school designs.

Family-Based Designs

Families love to love their team together. Try the kind of shirts that the whole family can wear is a great way to expand on a winning design. Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Grandpas, Grandmas – you name it! Mama’s and Papa’s are especially popular!

You can also try targeting and designing based on whether or not they are married.

*Between all the schools it was expanded to the “Mama Mascot” concept made over $130,000!

Location, location, location!xzub3h

While most designs can be targeted anywhere- or just to the state that the school is in. Don’t overlook the power of a design specifically for people outside of the normal fan base area! By either targeting a specific state or just everywhere EXCEPT the schools home state.

Women love sports!36jsud

Our data shows that 80% of our amazing customers are women! Either buying designs for themselves or for loved ones, just be sure not to count them out of your design ideas!

Try Professions and Hobbiessbd5ej

Whether they are a Nurse, Doctor, Police Officer, Firefighter or Plumber. Or whether they love art, dogs, baking or music. There is a shirt out there for anyone and you can create a design based on any interest!

Extra Tip

Big Schools Vs. Little Schools. Historically Texas Longhorns has been at the top of the NCAA Licensing food chain for years. So it makes sense to want to go after success with that – but so does everyone else! There are some smaller schools that don’t get as much attention and they are STARVING for content. So expanding a winning design to a bunch of the “little guys” is a great way to make some extra $$$

Design Tips

  • Originality! Designs that can be expanded to every school are great, but don’t let that keep you from looking into a winning design that one big school can truly relate to and adore.
  • Clean, Clear and Well Thought Out. FanPrint has a reputation with schools for creating very well put together and graphically interesting designs. We encourage you to take the time to really craft something that YOU would be just as proud to wear as you would selling it.
  • Leave Out The Glow. While having a design be glittering and glowing looks fine when you’re designing it on your computer – please keep in mind the way that it might translate to print. Try to avoid things with shadows/glows/transparency as if it isn’t done properly it can leave a strange white halo around your design that customers are more likely to return.

Let’s Get Started!

Here are some Tips on how to make Ad-Templates. Feel free to adjust the backgrounds as you see fit and be sure to include your marketer code in the URL to get that marketing commission by clicking “Copy Tracking Link” Button on your campaign page.

       Some other tips here on Facebook’s Ad Guidelines. 

Here are some other amazing design examples to inspire you!