Huge Announcement: Learn From The #1 Seller


unnamed.jpgWe are proud to welcome Jonathan Paquin as our new Global Community Manager!

Jonathan is the #1 seller of licensed products online. He is an expert marketer and designer who sold $12 million worth of licensed products last year! He is bringing his knowledge and tips to FanPrint’s community to help you ramp up your sales!

You now have the ability to utilize Jonathan for his knowledge and expertise.  He will be doing weekly webinars as well as 1-1 calls with the top sellers on FanPrint. We’re super pumped to have Jonathan on the team!

To get started with Jonathan, please join FanPrint’s new Facebook Community Group here (  where Jonathan and the FanPrint team will be actively answering questions and posting tutorial videos.


FanPrint/NFL Partnership


FanPrint is excited to announce it’s official licensing agreement with the NFL and the Football Greats Alliance!

This first of it’s kind partnership will allow FanPrint to leverage both team marks and player’s name and likeness for more than 2,000 former NFL athletes. The class includes more than 160 Hall of Famers, 50 Heisman Trophy winners, 225 broadcasters and 35 NFL MVPs. Click here to view the full list of the top players by team!

FanPrint’s best in class designers are now working to create classic and throwback designs for every NFL team. A portion of proceeds from every co-branded NFL and Football Greats Alliance product benefits the Greater Good Fund, which will help the health and welfare of retired players.

To view the NFL collection on click here.

STRIKE GOLD with FanPrint


FanPrint Marketer Sales Contest: STRIKE GOLD

Do you want to STRIKE GOLD with FanPrint? Introducing… FanPrint’s industry-leading, cash-filled sales contest – including officially licensed products! It’s the, BIGGEST and BEST…. And our cash bonuses are prizes you don’t want to miss!


The sales contest begins March 27, 2017 and lasts until May 11, 2017 at midnight CST – this gives you 45 days to ramp up and win $60,000 in CASH! Are you a first time marketer? Payouts start at only 150 units!! Are you a marketing power-seller? We can’t wait to hand you $60,000 in cash!

Increase in Commission: we are giving everyone “Platinum Level” commissions during this 45 day contest – which includes 50% commission on all unlicensed products and 2% design royalty on all of your own unlicensed designs! For more details: FanPrint Tier System

How to Enter:

Every approved FanPrint marketer is qualified for FanPrint’s sales contest: Strike Gold with FanPrint. At the end of the sales contest, your cash bonus will be sent to you by your account manager based on the number of products you sold! LET’S GO!

Dashboard Feature releases:

FanPrint will be releasing FIVE new FanPrint Marketer dashboard features over the 6 weeks contest- each feature will help boost your sales and get you even closer to striking gold!

Get started now and earn:


*For specific questions/feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out to:


New to FanPrint? Join the sales contest and sign up HERE

March Madness Bonus Incentive

unnamedFanPrint is licensed by 10 of the remaining 16 teams in the NCAA tournament!

What better way to take advantage of our March Madness Incentive than to market new designs for these schools!

Details: From March 16-31st, 2017, FanPrint will give marketers a bonus equal to your average daily sales. Example: if you average $1,000 in revenue per day, we’ll give you a $1,000 cash bonus!

FanPrint is constantly adding new designs for each school, so check out our NCAA Collection to find new concepts for March Madness to add to your storefronts!


Feature Highlight: Promotions

We’d like to take a brief moment to encourage our marketers to experiment with our Promotions feature. FanPrint created promotions so that marketers can quickly offer customers increased purchase-incentive at key moments of their campaigns. Basically, when you set up a promotion through the marketer dashboard you are able to choose a discount of any amount to pass on to the customer. This discount gets applied automatically when the customer completes the checkout process. There are four unique ways to utilize a promotion:

  1. Add a URL parameter to the campaign landing page in your ads
  2. Apply the promotion as a cross-sell after purchase to similar campaigns
  3. Apply the promotion when a customer abandons his/her cart
  4. Offer the promotion to subscribers through the mailing feature

For more detailed information about our Promotions feature, please check out our Promotions feature page here on FanPrint Academy.

Welcome To FanPrint Academy

Here at FanPrint our goal is simple: to make the best t-shirt selling platform possible. From the outset we have desired to build a site that uniquely caters to marketers. With this in mind, we have successfully implemented a Facebook integration that works with ad accounts, acquired licensing agreements with top universities, and have built many other marketer-friendly features.unnamed (1)

FanPrint Academy has been created to facilitate marketer success. Through this site we will communicate to our marketers about how to use our platform, new features, and plans for future development.

FanPrint has been created for you! Do you like something? Hate something? Want something? Let us know because we want to leverage your marketing experience in order to build something great.