Feature Highlight: Promotions

We’d like to take a brief moment to encourage our marketers to experiment with our Promotions feature. FanPrint¬†created promotions so that marketers can quickly offer customers increased purchase-incentive at key moments of their campaigns. Basically, when you set up a promotion through the marketer dashboard you are able to choose a discount of any amount to pass on to the customer. This discount gets applied automatically when the customer completes the checkout process. There are four unique ways to utilize a promotion:

  1. Add a URL parameter to the campaign landing page in your ads
  2. Apply the promotion as a cross-sell after purchase to similar campaigns
  3. Apply the promotion when a customer abandons his/her cart
  4. Offer the promotion to subscribers through the mailing feature

For more detailed information about our Promotions feature, please check out our Promotions feature page here on FanPrint Academy.

Welcome To FanPrint Academy

Here at FanPrint our goal is simple: to make the best t-shirt selling platform possible. From the outset we have desired to build a site that uniquely caters to marketers. With this in mind, we have successfully implemented a Facebook integration that works with ad accounts, acquired licensing agreements with top universities, and have built many other marketer-friendly features.unnamed (1)

FanPrint Academy has been created to facilitate marketer success. Through this site we will communicate to our marketers about how to use our platform, new features, and plans for future development.

FanPrint has been created for you! Do you like something? Hate something? Want something? Let us know because we want to leverage your marketing experience in order to build something great.