New Year New Sales


Start 2018 strong with some ideas to avoid the post-holiday slump.

There are some HUGE events that you can capitalize on in the beginning of the year. From holidays, to some MAJOR sports playoffs, and of course – March Madness!

Summary of Key Dates:

  • Valentine’s Day – February 14th
  • MLBPA Spring Training – Begins February 21st
  • NHL Trade Deadline – February 26th
  • March Madness – Begins March 11th
  • St. Patrick’s Day – March 17th
  • NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs – Begin April 11th

Q1 Holidays could be your Pot O’ Gold!

Valentine’s Day (February 14th) and St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th) are both great ways to put a festive spin on some of your most popular designs!

Valentine’s Day, the day of romance… well, what’s a more true form of love than the love for your team? In 2017 nearly 2 million dollars was spent on apparel alone. And with St. Patrick’s day spending constituting a 5 Billion dollar industry, you can bet that a majority of people celebrating plan to WEAR GREEN. So making a funny shirt of their favorite team on a green shirt to match the occasion is a perfect way for them to celebrate their team and the holiday. (Also a reminder – you can’t actually reference alcohol in Licensed shirt designs – as much as St. Patrick’s Day revolves around it!)

World’s Best Boyfriend | Nebraska – Rooting Together | Like Husband Like Wife 


TIP: Try putting a festive spin on popular designs you’ve already made by re-branding and re-uploading them with pink or green to match the holiday!

March Madness

March Madness kicks off on March 11th! You can find the full schedule and information about the teams in the running once they start playing HERE – be sure to keep up on who is winning, especially when an underdog wins over a major school! 

Some important things to note – while we will have many of the teams, you cannot use the literal phrase “March Madness”. The best approach is to stay with just basketball themed shirts (combined with talking about how great the team is)!

We Will RocKU | Michigan State Hoop Love | Press Virginia

MLBPA Spring Training

Mark your calendar for February 21st! That’s when the games begin. Some could say that Spring Training is a better chance to sell player designs than during the playoffs themselves, because it’s a season of fans from everywhere gathering and cheering on their team without having to worry about their team being cut out of the running for the playoffs. Their hope and their pride is at an all time high because its anyone’s game!

Click here for the schedule.

Daddy You Are…| Heart Altuve | Bryce Bryce Baby

NHLPA Playoffs

Once the final trades are finished being made February 26th then it’s a hop, skip, and a jump to the beginning of the main event – the Stanley Cup Playoffs! The playoffs begin April 11th so there’s plenty of time to rally people behind their favorite players and get them shirts they can wear to their team’s games!

Superstars Are Born In | Pekka Rinne Fangirl | Joe Thornton Portrait