Dallas Cowboys Seller Guide

Dallas Cowboys: The Most Valuable Team in the WHOLE WORLD.

The Cowboys are one of our most treasured licenses, loved by everyone around the world- especially by our customers! With over 8.75 million Facebook Fans the Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable team in the entire world – wouldn’t you like to get a slice of that pie for yourself?

Cowboys Design Guidelines HERE

Many have noticed that the Cowboys approval process can be pretty strict but we can assure you it is more than worth it in the end when they do approve a design! Here are some tips so that you can start marketing some amazing Cowboys Merchandise for your customers!

Cowboys Audiences And Ideas

Target By Age Group77ekvf

From 30-64 this demographic has picked Dallas Cowboys as their favorite team, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t fans of every age!

You can also target fans specifically by the month that they were born in!




nutmbrWomen Specific Designs

While statistics will say that a little under half of the fan base is women, they reportedly make up 80% of sports apparel spending (and controlled 60% of the money spent on men’s clothing)

  • Sales have risen 76% on Women’s Apparel since 2010 and yet less than 20% is gear specifically targeted to them!


x14af9Location Based

You can have great success targeting Texas as a majority of the fanbase is present there. But they are all over the country!

  • Location-based designs targeting specific states outside of Texas have shown great success especially in areas like New York, New Jersey, California and Florida.



339dza (1)Family + Marriage

Try targeting specific areas of the family such as Mothers or Fathers who are proud to be Cowboys fans.

  • Mamas and Papas are popular but so are Grandma and Grandpa – as well as good old-fashioned Mom and Dad!
  • Also, consider targeting and designing for married couples who both love the team.


kvnnqkCowboys Players

While we may no longer have the full NFLPA, the Dallas Cowboys have encouraged us to continue using the likeness and image of their players so you can target people based on their love for a specific player!


Professions  r46had

Cowboys Fans can live anywhere and also do anything! There are tons of creative ways to make a design and target them both on their pride for their job as well as their love for their team.

  • Some Examples: Nurses, Doctors, Teachers, Fire Fighters, Police Officers, Plumbers, Baristas


gq1kkdHobbies Or Pets

Combined with other hobbies that they love or their pets these sort of niche shirts can really let a customer show off where their interests truly lie.

Dogs, Cats, Art, Music- Even combining with their favorite food! Or their love of making food and baking!


Design Tips For Approval

  • The Star: Please be sure to have the Star exactly as is available HERE with the white outline around it and NOTHING obstructing it. If you must have it behind something or within elements of the design, you must have a 2nd star that is not cut into. And even then it is not advised. Do not add any effects like Glowing or 3-D embossing.
  • The wordmark: please use the word mark in place of typing out the word “Cowboys” whenever possible. Excluding when the word is arched/angled/in a particularly fancy font.
  • Don’t Be Generic: That advice might seem generic in and of itself but it’s true, the number one reason why designs are denied by the Cowboys is because they are either way too generic (for example – just the star by itself and nothing else) or generic on a level that it is something they already have in their own assortment and don’t want to approve something that they already have themselves.
  • Don’t Be Too ‘Off The Wall’: The next worst thing than being generic is trying to fit a square in a circle. Designs should fully display the persons love for the Cowboys so we don’t want a design that doesn’t seem to really relate to the team at all.
    • For example – A picture of a cat with the star on its forehead doesn’t seem to have much to do with the team. Whereas if it had a cat and the star but also the words “Two things I love most in this world are my cat and my Cowboys” then that sort of explains what the two elements have to do with each other.
  • Cowboys Players: Be sure to display their uniforms properly in images but remove the NFL shield and any Nike swooshes!

Let’s Get Started!

Here are some Tips on how to make Ad-Templates. Feel free to adjust the backgrounds as you see fit and be sure to include your marketer code in the URL to get that marketing commission by clicking “Copy Tracking Link” Button on your campaign page.

       Some other tips here on Facebook’s Ad Guidelines.