Sell Officially Licensed NCAA Merchandise!

Hundreds of Schools and Thousands of Opportunities!

School Pride is always in season, but now that football has started it is VERY in season! With hundreds of college licenses to choose from, there is a goldmine of opportunity available to create designs for people who are passionate about their team.

Start by going over the NCAA License guide so you know the general do’s and don’ts which will help get your design approved and read to market as fast as possible!


How To Find Your Audience

From students to alumni, to parents buying gear for their kids or just to support and show how much they love their kids. Or even people who have never gone to the school and just adore the team! There is an endless amount of opportunity when it comes to school designs.

Family-Based Designs

Families love to love their team together. Try the kind of shirts that the whole family can wear is a great way to expand on a winning design. Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Grandpas, Grandmas – you name it! Mama’s and Papa’s are especially popular!

You can also try targeting and designing based on whether or not they are married.

*Between all the schools it was expanded to the “Mama Mascot” concept made over $130,000!

Location, location, location!xzub3h

While most designs can be targeted anywhere- or just to the state that the school is in. Don’t overlook the power of a design specifically for people outside of the normal fan base area! By either targeting a specific state or just everywhere EXCEPT the schools home state.

Women love sports!36jsud

Our data shows that 80% of our amazing customers are women! Either buying designs for themselves or for loved ones, just be sure not to count them out of your design ideas!

Try Professions and Hobbiessbd5ej

Whether they are a Nurse, Doctor, Police Officer, Firefighter or Plumber. Or whether they love art, dogs, baking or music. There is a shirt out there for anyone and you can create a design based on any interest!

Extra Tip

Big Schools Vs. Little Schools. Historically Texas Longhorns has been at the top of the NCAA Licensing food chain for years. So it makes sense to want to go after success with that – but so does everyone else! There are some smaller schools that don’t get as much attention and they are STARVING for content. So expanding a winning design to a bunch of the “little guys” is a great way to make some extra $$$

Design Tips

  • Originality! Designs that can be expanded to every school are great, but don’t let that keep you from looking into a winning design that one big school can truly relate to and adore.
  • Clean, Clear and Well Thought Out. FanPrint has a reputation with schools for creating very well put together and graphically interesting designs. We encourage you to take the time to really craft something that YOU would be just as proud to wear as you would selling it.
  • Leave Out The Glow. While having a design be glittering and glowing looks fine when you’re designing it on your computer – please keep in mind the way that it might translate to print. Try to avoid things with shadows/glows/transparency as if it isn’t done properly it can leave a strange white halo around your design that customers are more likely to return.

Let’s Get Started!

Here are some Tips on how to make Ad-Templates. Feel free to adjust the backgrounds as you see fit and be sure to include your marketer code in the URL to get that marketing commission by clicking “Copy Tracking Link” Button on your campaign page.

       Some other tips here on Facebook’s Ad Guidelines. 

Here are some other amazing design examples to inspire you!