STRIKE GOLD with FanPrint


FanPrint Marketer Sales Contest: STRIKE GOLD

Do you want to STRIKE GOLD with FanPrint? Introducing… FanPrint’s industry-leading, cash-filled sales contest – including officially licensed products! It’s the, BIGGEST and BEST…. And our cash bonuses are prizes you don’t want to miss!


The sales contest begins March 27, 2017 and lasts until May 11, 2017 at midnight CST – this gives you 45 days to ramp up and win $60,000 in CASH! Are you a first time marketer? Payouts start at only 150 units!! Are you a marketing power-seller? We can’t wait to hand you $60,000 in cash!

Increase in Commission: we are giving everyone “Platinum Level” commissions during this 45 day contest – which includes 50% commission on all unlicensed products and 2% design royalty on all of your own unlicensed designs! For more details: FanPrint Tier System

How to Enter:

Every approved FanPrint marketer is qualified for FanPrint’s sales contest: Strike Gold with FanPrint. At the end of the sales contest, your cash bonus will be sent to you by your account manager based on the number of products you sold! LET’S GO!

Dashboard Feature releases:

FanPrint will be releasing FIVE new FanPrint Marketer dashboard features over the 6 weeks contest- each feature will help boost your sales and get you even closer to striking gold!

Get started now and earn:


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